Sunday, January 22, 2017

Skink of a Different Color

This little guy is another blast from the past, part of the massive Skink contingent from my original Lizardman army years ago.  It was the search for a way to get all of them painted which led me to the Shaded Basecoat.

You can see more of the turquoise versions here!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gorgon of the North

Next up from Gorgon Studios is the Norwegian army.  Just like all the early war forces in their selections, there is a full compliment of officers, gear, etc.

These figures are sculpted by the same artist who does the Artizan Designs sculpts, so you will see a lot of similarities in the style. They are easy to clean, and there is plenty of nice detail on each figure.

I found some rather humorous reference sources in a Google Search...

But here's a live source!  I will have to balance the two sources...

As I usually do, I will vary the colors on each figure, with some greens being darker or warmer, giving them the appearance of more or less worn uniforms.

Figuring out where to place the red stripes was interesting, but that is a wonderful contrast to all the green, and it makes them distinct from other armies that I am currently working on.

As for the bases, the snow will be less heavy on these forces. In fact, I want it to seem partially melted, which is possible to do with the crushed glass method.  I didn't want this to be the dead of Arctic winter, but more like the alpine snow which is still around even when the temps are well above freezing.

This is just the first of the defenders of Norway, so stay tuned for much more!!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Druid's BONES

I always have fun working on the BONES minis, since they can be chopped up if need be, or balanced on all kinds of interesting bases.  They don't weigh much at all, so balancing them is never an issue!  Plus, you could not break them with a hammer :-)

This druid figure is perfect for any kind of RPG adventures!

I had a lot of fun doing some color variations on the robes, attempting to work in as many browns and tans into the green as possible.  This was meant to have him blend in somewhat with the base.

The base has some fall foliage, which was simulated with mica flakes.  That is a very handy way to make rapid fire ground cover that can be painted up to seem like individual leaves.

He joins the rest of the BONES collection, which continues to grow!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mud and Guts

The early war German Heer forces have been an interesting laboratory for various basing materials.  While I need to continue that May/June forested look to match the French and BEF, I have been working in various foliage and Mig AMMO products

Since I did this artillery piece, I have gone back to using the Woodland Scenics fine foliage.  It is perfect for the forested gun emplacements.

I have also included the use of the heavy mud paints from AMMO on all of my bases, since I love the textural difference that provides, and it also helps to tie in the figures to the base, as if they are genuinely interacting with the surface.

This also has more of a fresh turned earth appearance, which is even more important on these weapon teams.

The positions look more like they have been freshly dug... especially if I can save a few shovels from the infantry sprues!!!

The view from above shows off the mud.  While you can make the usual sand and gravel look like dirt when it's painted, that still does not have the extra touch of the Mig Mud.

Many more gun teams are on the way, including the heavy howitzer and its five man crew.  Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hail the Chief

This Skink Chief was one of the little surprises that I would have in my Skink and Kroxigor units.

He, along with a Skink Priest, would be embedded in the largest of my "Skrox" units, which contained 36 Skinks and 4 Kroxigors.  This was known as the "Skink Tank".

Despite it's size, it was very fast.  It had a lot of firepower with 36 shots, and had the 4 big beasties to lend some heavy hitting in combat.

It also had lots of ranks, banners and so on.  By placing a Skink Chief and Priest in the unit, it also had magical protection along with whatever special armaments the chief had.

I varied what each Chief would carry from unit to unit to match a certain purpose.  I think this guy would take the Ogre strength weapon...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Charging doom!

While all of the Army of the Dead figures have interesting poses, armor and weapons, this one is a favorite.  I even added a few extra streamers of cloth, putting a thin layer of green stuff over a strip of tin foil.

The tin foil provided the stability, allowing the green stuff to set in place.  

Just as I did with the other Army of the Dead, I combined the use of intensely saturated fluorescent paints and the weathering techniques.  It is easiest to see on the edges of the robes, the shields, and even on the weapons and armor.

The application of those weathering techniques, which was as simple as modified glazes, made the brighter fluorescent colors even brighter, and more ethereal as opposed to a 'light source' of its own.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Face of the Gorgon

Ever since I began my French Bolt Action army early last year, I began to think about various ways to incorporate Foreign Legion troops in some fashion.

There are some options out there, especially for North Africa theme FFL.  However, I was really intrigued when I saw the various early war armies that are available from Gorgon Studio!

I have some images of the French Foreign Legion in sheepskin coats.  As you can see, there is a nice variety of poses and gear, everything you would need to create that early war Norway force.

The army has weapon teams, command figures, as so on, and the sculpting is first rate!  Many of you will probably recognize Artizan Designs and their WW2 miniature line.  Well, the same sculptor has been hard at work creating these for Gorgon Studios.

I will include a link for you, but be sure to check out all the armies that are available.  For the German player, a host of options await, no matter what theater you desire.  There are also British, Polish and even Norwegians!

That's another army that's coming too, so stay tuned later in the week.

I'm going to have all kinds of fun painting both these armies, especially if I enjoy them as much as I did painting this guy.  There are very clean lines, and most figures are one piece casts.

These have also provided me with a chance to paint some very interesting uniforms, and work within a slightly different color range.

Hopefully you can see some of the subtle color changes in the coat itself, where I tried to incorporate some of the grayish greens on the sleeves.

Here's a link to the French Foreign Legion: